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About myself…

Hi!! Thank u for visiting my Blog… A friend suggested and convinced me to start this after reading some of my thoughts. I think it was a wonderful idea to share my thoughts with all of you… Please do comment and criticise it will inspire me to get better… “An individuals thoughts and expressions are the only guide to his actions and impressions”
Wishing u the very best,
Warm regards,
Stephen Mascarenhas
(a.k.a. Stevie…)


2 thoughts on “About myself…

  1. Hi Dear,

    The poetires are so good it is written from the bottom of your heart with all your inner feelings,
    you are the most talented brother i have in the whole world,GOD BLESS YOU WITH ALL HIS MIGHT.

    LOVE U


  2. Namaste!
    Bahut he sateek ! shabdo ka sampoorn awam uchit prayog ! aasha hai ki aapki taraf se hindi mai bhi kuch padhne ko mile !
    intzaar mai


    [ really its refreshing ]

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