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That evening when I said you were my friend forever
You smiled and gave me the happiest moment ever
When you said I was your angel with a smile to relish
It was a gift to my life and a moment to cherish

When I see you smile it lightens me up for a while,
You’re never fully dressed if you don’t wear a smile,
Never ever kill me sayin you can’t smile for me today,
I promise you my dear I’ll try to keep u smiling everyday

I’d play with your hair, if that would make you smile,
I’d hold you tight, keep you warm for miles,
I’d talk of your beauty if that would make you smile,
I’d hold your hands, if you think it’s worth your while

Your smile is so valuable even more precious than gold
Its your heart that smiles and it makes me grow cold
If whenever you need me ever and you’re feeling lonely,
I believe in my heart you would call on me only,
Just smile at the world and throw your smile at me,
You will see the world smile back at both you and me…

Written by: Stevie…


Author: Stevies blog...


3 thoughts on “WHEN U SMILE

  1. Thanks babes,you make me feel alive

  2. Your are great sir…

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