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My First Poetry after a long time… read on!!


Smile my love, keep smiling away
 It’s your smile that I see, brightens my day
If I can’t really see you smile today
I’ll try every bit, to see you smiling away
Your smile is like the rain on dry desert land
Its your smile that’s made a rose bloom in sand
Your smile is life giving and like a sweet song
So smile my love so I could keep singing along
It’s the beauty of your eyes that enhances your smile
The eyes that saw tears once ago for a while
Those pearly drops those wasted tears
I will always remember for the rest of my years
If I were to get a wish from my God today
I’d pray to him to keep you smiling away
You may feel it’s love that makes me feel this way
It’s not just love sweety, it’s more than that I’d like to say
Written by: Stevie…

Author: Stevies blog...


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