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(Dedicated to my Jiju Nitin, my Sis Lily and our little prince Rahul… Congratulations!!! LINIT EXPORTS, On receiving the National Export Excellence Award 2009 – Thank u for making us what we are… Love u always…)


All alone and innocent as we were
U cared for us like a mother dear
We argued we angered we tested your wits
U held us close u didn’t lose your sp’rits
As we grew dad worked hard every day
To keep us all safe and keep evil at bay
Truant as I was naughty without any fear
U never gave up and kept me so near
As time went by with maturity to be free
You gave us all confidence of the highest degree
One by one as we were all on our two feet
Marching onwards and keeping the beat
Even today when we are all on our own
It’s not one anymore it’s two to three u’ve grown
Fearless we are today and go everywhere,
Knowing deep in our hearts, that u will always be there…

Written by: Stevie…





That evening when I said you were my friend forever
You smiled and gave me the happiest moment ever
When you said I was your angel with a smile to relish
It was a gift to my life and a moment to cherish

When I see you smile it lightens me up for a while,
You’re never fully dressed if you don’t wear a smile,
Never ever kill me sayin you can’t smile for me today,
I promise you my dear I’ll try to keep u smiling everyday

I’d play with your hair, if that would make you smile,
I’d hold you tight, keep you warm for miles,
I’d talk of your beauty if that would make you smile,
I’d hold your hands, if you think it’s worth your while

Your smile is so valuable even more precious than gold
Its your heart that smiles and it makes me grow cold
If whenever you need me ever and you’re feeling lonely,
I believe in my heart you would call on me only,
Just smile at the world and throw your smile at me,
You will see the world smile back at both you and me…

Written by: Stevie…

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If there were no scratches in life
U would not understand pain,
If there was no pain in life,
U would not have feelings,
If there were no feelings in life,
U would have been a dead soul……..
So feel gifted to be given all the scratches in life…
Be thankful for all the pain in life…
Feel blessed with the feelings that u have…
Feel happy and believe you are Alive…

Written by: Stevie…

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How can one smile such sweet smiles,
When one is so saddened by sorrows for miles,
How can I smile the same smiles,
When life brings me nothing but tears
I wondered if it was me or something was wrong,
What reason you had to smile that long,
To keep smiling though troubles and smiling thru harm,
And still be so sweet and silently calm
It’s such a mystery to all and a mystery to me,
You smile like the heaven smiling with glee,
I adore you your smile and yet I envy thee,
I’d rather see you smile those sweet smiles at me
I feel joy when I see you happy and smile,
Even if I’m sad and lonely for a while,
Your smile brings me back from yon somewhere,
I don’t realize and forget if I’m really there
it is you my dear friend, for my reason to smile,
To smile with no reason, just to smile to a smile,
For a smile is the reason itself to bring a smile,
To rejoice within myself and feel happy and smile
I learned to smile because of a wonderful you,
Your smiles bring me joy whenever I’m blue,
Your smile comes on as so strong and powerful,
So simple a smile an expression so beautiful
Smile for the sake of making every other smile,
Smile for the sake of happiness, just for a little while,
Smile for the sake of the little hope that’s left in life,
Smile for the sake of overcoming a strife
Smile for me my friend, Smile for me my dear,
Smile so the world can be peaceful with no fear,
Smile that one sweet smile to make someones day,
Smile coz then the world would seem happy and gay.
Written by: Stevie…

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My First Poetry after a long time… read on!!


Smile my love, keep smiling away
 It’s your smile that I see, brightens my day
If I can’t really see you smile today
I’ll try every bit, to see you smiling away
Your smile is like the rain on dry desert land
Its your smile that’s made a rose bloom in sand
Your smile is life giving and like a sweet song
So smile my love so I could keep singing along
It’s the beauty of your eyes that enhances your smile
The eyes that saw tears once ago for a while
Those pearly drops those wasted tears
I will always remember for the rest of my years
If I were to get a wish from my God today
I’d pray to him to keep you smiling away
You may feel it’s love that makes me feel this way
It’s not just love sweety, it’s more than that I’d like to say
Written by: Stevie…